ACN Scam? Or Legitimate Earning Opportunity?

ACN Scam

ACN is one of the world’s biggest direct sellers of Tele Communication services and essential services. This international company was started in 1993 in the United States of America. Today ACN operates in twenty three countries in North America, Asia and Europe. The reason for their this big success is that they focus on providing the essential services of people at competitive prices. That’s why news media such as ‘The Wall Street journal’ and ‘USA Today’ write about the success stories of ACN. Moreover, ACN engages in charitable activities as well. That being said some people may say that ACN is scam. Is ACN scam?
ACN is offering cost effective phone services to its valuable customers. You can save up to 40% if you use ACN phone services. ACN today has expanded its business and launched energy services as well. The company is growing steadily over the years. Why do some people stamp ACN as scam? ACN is a multi level marketing company that offers real earning opportunity to its customers. Some people think that all multi level marketing companies are scams. The fact of the matter is that while some multi level marketing companies are scams, most others are truly legitimate. However, you need to work hard to make money from any network marketing company. Those who are not ready to work hard will not make decent money from ACN. They are the ones that say ACN is scam.
Is ACN scam? If a multi level marketing company does not have any products or services to sell, then it may be a scam. However, most of the multi level marketing companies that sell either products or services are truly legitimate. ACN is a proven, legitimate earning opportunity that provides part time income for thousands of its customers worldwide. In fact ACN is one of the proud members of Direct Selling Association in several countries. All the members of ACN strictly follow the ethics of DSA. The truth of the matter is that there is no ACN scam.
Well, if there is no ACN scam why do some people say so? That’s a sensible question indeed. People who either don’t work to get new distributors to the company or who don’t work enough to get required new members will not make the money they would want to make. ACN members are given proper training and effective tools to promote their multi level marketing business. Today Internet plays a big role in marketing. Internet marketing has become the best form of marketing these days. It’s easier to promote your business through the Internet today. There is no point in simply blaming the company without putting the efforts into your multi level marketing business.
You would have probably landed into this blog post because you searched with the search term ‘ACN scam‘. May be you want to join this business or you are already a member who failed to make money from ACN and hence want to ensure ACN is a legitimate business. ACN is around for 19 years and any multi level company with that longevity can’t be a scam. On the other hand, it has helped thousands of people to get financial freedom particularly in this period of recession. Needless to say that the future of ACN and its members is brighter.

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6 Responses to “ACN Scam? Or Legitimate Earning Opportunity?”

  1. Marino says:

    I thinck that persons don’t like hard work say goodbye to every opportunity. ACN is an hard job and sometimes is hard to work. People doesn’t understands money not coming down from the sky by itself but it’s necessary give a push to their opportunity every day “up to the end”.
    “Fino alla Fine”!!
    Best regards. Marino from Italy

  2. mitzy says:

    Found lots of negative comments on internet . wouldn’t recommend, even is a ligitimate company but definately hard to make money with it.

    $500 dollards start up with no product , would rather join other MLM.

  3. Frank says:

    I’m amazed at the number of folks that are spreading false propaganda on the bathroom wall (the internet) about ACN. No doubt most are folks that bought the gym membership, did not show up at the gym, and are now blaming the gym for being fat. I signed up for ACN and doubled my original $499 investment in less than a month and am now saving $50 per month on my own home telecom services by unbundling the bad triple-play deal. Also, I use the ACN VoIP ATA device side by side by side with MagigJackPlus and NetTalkDuo (all 3 out of the same router) and the side-by-side comparison is that ACN digital voice wins for quality and reliability, hands down…with quality that of my old Vonage ATA. Additionally there is free international calling with ACN, unlike the others, so one should not make the mistake of comparing an apple to an orange. Another great serviceis that ACN’s new Flash Wireless uses the Verizon Wireless network (as well as Sprint) …you can bring your Verizon Wireless phone over to Flash and get unlimited talk+text+data for $45/month with NO CONTRACT and can also get a free phone bill if you sell 5 accounts, just like the VoIP service that has the same deal. Aside from all of the confusion, ask yourself: Do you really think that Donald Trump and Jay Leno would put their names on a scam? Cumon!

  4. R. Michael Gonzalez says:

    If you are even considering joining ACN, PLEASE first visit my blog, it will let you know all of the FACTS. No hype, no pitch just an honest view of the opportunity, just know what you are to expect before you join, if you want to succeed. ACNIBO.Blogspot.C** – (Just type in the “om”) or – R. Michael Gonzalez – ACN IBO #02637585 – (Just copy and paste in search I’m easy to find)

  5. Larry says:

    Of course ACN is a scam. If it really was a good business opportunity the ACN reps would not have to use deception and dishonesty to get their friends and family to go to the brainwashing meetings. I have made a few youtube videos to combat this horrible ACN scam but of course it can be difficult to compete against the brainwashed ACN sheep and the fast talking ACN sales people. It’s amazing how people get caught up in the hype and they don’t really sit down and crunch the numbers. These are my youtube videos trying to help people not get caught up in the ACN scam.

    • Bren says:

      yes Lar that is why Veriz, Dish, Xoom, ADT, frontr, etc are involved. Im guessing the negative people are selfish and want things right now & have not even thought about their future. In life its been found & experienced that successful people don’t quit, they help others, and think ahead and they have integrity. Being successful is not always about money!


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