Herbalife Reviews – Get the Facts

Herbalife Reviews

If you are thinking of working from home or earning extra income on the side, then you have probably read several Herbalife reviews both negative and positive. The key to figuring out which ones to take seriously however always goes back to the facts. So what facts do we have available to us which can help us decide if this business is indeed the one we should invest our time and effort in?

Herbalife Reviews – Facts about the business opportunity

It is a legitimate and well established company - Herbalife is a respected multi-level sales company that has marketed nutritional products for two decades. The company is ranked as one of the country’s top technology innovators by Information week 500, an organization that for the last 25 years has bench marked gold standards in technological innovation. It is also accredited by the U.S. Better Business Bureau which evaluates as well as actively monitors businesses and charities as to their ethical business practices. Its current rating is an A+, the highest rating it is able to give. Recently its stock also reported positive earnings for the company at the New York Stock Exchange when the majority of business growth is non-existent.

It markets products that people need - This is a very important factor in a business opportunity, “sale-ability”. In Herbalife reviews you’ll notice that the products are relevant to the nutritional needs of people as well as timely solutions to the growing issues of obesity, heart health and other conditions. If you are going to engage in the sales business then you need a product that your customer needs to keep buying. This is vital because repeat business from that customer adds to your overall revenue without additional effort or time spent. You’ll just need to set aside around 5 minutes every month or so to ask if they need more.

The products work and are scientifically sound. In many nutrition oriented companies they quote studies of other experts about a particular vitamin, mineral or active ingredient and not their own product specifically. In factual Herbalife reviews it explains that clinical studies are performed on Herbalife products which are conducted by respectable institutions like the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Ulm in Germany and the Seoul National University hospital to name a few. This assures the customer that it is the product itself that is effective and not just a particular vitamin or mineral in general. The company also has a 180 scientist strong staff and spent $25 million in 2011 for the continuing research and development of its products.

Trains you to succeed - Sadly there are many multi-level sales businesses that just sell you a starter kit with a few brochures and then expects you to learn on your own. This is why so many start a home based business and then give up a month or two later. If you read detailed Herbalife reviews, you’ll see that the company offers a wealth of training programs and materials for the beginner as well as the seasoned independent distributor. The Herbalife Company supports your business though the different stages of growth so you learn the skills necessary to succeed and keep on succeeding.

A strong compensation plan - You not only earn from your direct sales but you may also earn additional income through commissions from people you manage or recruit as well as bonuses from the company.
Remember that with Herbalife reviews, go straight to the facts before saying no to a sensible business opportunity.

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3 Responses to “Herbalife Reviews – Get the Facts”

  1. Mike Cottage says:

    Hi everyone on this board I’m just reading through here just a little about my self I am a distriboter for Herbalife very successful with over 150 clients training people to loose,gain,and maintain there weight I also am partners with a couple other people including my coaches we run a couple nutrition clubs and av fit clubs you can check us out on line but about me I’ve been on the program now for 9months I’ve lost in total 92pounds went from a pants size 52 to size 38 and my muscle has gone up over 50% I also train in mma and training for my next fight and on the business side I was making over $30 a hour in a office unhealthy not doing what i love now I make twice as much I don’t work in a office I have no boss and I make 2 times as much and I have the freedom that I want and I’m building the future that I want for me and my family.. So back to business so yes we are the best out there we provide results for people for what ever they are looking for but yes there is a specific program that people do need to fallow its not rocket science but it is science these products were made but a team of doctors including a Nobel prize winner in nutrition now yes if you want to gain weight you can if you want to loose weight you can if you want to maintain you can but there are specific programs that you need to fallow you can also contact me for those mike cottage 661-544-0082 anyway so yes Herbalife has so many products for everyone for the people out there that has a negotiable option of Herbalife either you haven’t tried a program or you have not been coached the right way do call me I’ll help you out for the people that have questions if kids can take the shake products YES it can control sugar cravings it help with controlling the add ADHD it helps control there attention in classes and not only that for the older kids in high school or or even younger kids in sports Herbalife now has a all sports line Herbalife 24 that has been tested by a third party with NO “0″ baned substances that is helping the best athletes at all levels in the world reach there maximum potential so yes kids can take the product it’s good for the young and old for the older there is product that were designed to help people with all types of ailments Herbalife doesn’t nore has never claimed we cure anything but giving your body the proper nutrition your body will start to heal itself do agin anyone can use our products. If you would like to become a client contact me we can talk

  2. Doris says:

    Im just starting herbal life, I have hyperthyroid and one ovary. I want to know the proper way to use the product.

    • admin says:

      You should speak with a distributor or contact customer service. Customer Service Representatives are available to take your call toll-free Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST) at 866-617-4273


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