Melaleuca Scam or Legit Opportunity – An Honest Review

It seems that everywhere you look online, on forums, blogs, or social media sites, you may hear somebody claiming “Melaleuca scam“. You may be interested in knowing more about the company, maybe because you or somebody you know, has plans to join this opportunity. Either way, you are interested in knowing the truth behind this company to find whether it is legitimate or not.

Well, Melaleuca is a wellness company that is a billion dollar nutritional, personal care and cosmetic company that was founded in 1985 by one Frank L. VanderSloot. He came up with a compensation plan that was quite lucrative for the marketing executives, and was on the lines of consumer direct marketing. It helped the company to establish itself as a serious player in MLM industry, and not just a Melaleuca scam.

Independent Representatives in the company are not required to sell any of its products, but have to just solicit enrollments. Melaleuca has been consistently making profits by increasing sales of its products, and has since then expanded internationally.

Although initially the products were based on melaleuca plant extracts, but they have now expanded much beyong this initial focus. The company markets more than 340 products such as personal care items, nutritional supplements, and household cleaners. The company has earth-friendly manufacturing policy, and most of its products are certified as organic. In association with fashion designer Nicole Miller, Melaleuca has also launched an extensive range of cosmetic products in 2003.

Melaleuca products

The company claims to focus on developing a wide range of products that are safe for home and also support a healthy lifestyle. It claims that its household cleaners and other products are much better than those available at local grocery stores, and use natural products. Their product line is definitely impressive and the company cannot be termed as a Melaleuca scam.

As with any other MLM company, you will have to build a strong downline distributorship that not only promotes the business, but also continues to use the products. While this business is not a Melaleuca scam, success is reserved for all those who persistently recruit more people in the group, promote and attend hotel meetings, and product parties. In order to earn a good six figure income, you may need to recruit hundreds of people in your downline, and will need to replace those who opt out.

It is a REAL business or just a Melaleuca scam?

Melaleuca scam2This is the question that most people ask considering the amount of information that is available on the Internet. Well, this is a great business opportunity, and is definitely not a scam, but is not for everybody because you need tons of patience and hard work in building and expanding your downline and recruiting marketing executives.

Their compensation plan is solid and is not a scam. The successful growth of the company for past 25 years is a testimony to its solid base. The success lies in recruiting at least 150-200 people in team to make $2000 plus income stream, which does not sound like a Melaleuca scam!

The business model propogated by Melauca has remained successful over the decades, and there are several people who have been successful in achieving five or even six figure income with Melaleuca compensation plan. The key to success in this business is perseverance and hard work.

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18 Responses to “Melaleuca Scam or Legit Opportunity – An Honest Review”

  1. christine says:

    Melaleuca is a wonderful company that provides products that are safe and work better than what you are currently using. They are not a MLM we have been customers for 10 years and have earned significant income by just sharing a better place to shop with our friends and family. If you are looling for a way to earn extra income without investing alot of money you should look no further. The impact of the products on peoples lives is truely amazing.

  2. Christine you are right Melaleuca is an amazing company with amazing product and I’ve been a customer for almost 10 years too.

    However it IS an MLM…

    … and there is nothing wrong with that. MLM is a legit way to make money an you should be proud to be involved with MLM.

  3. Priscilla Koleshis says:

    I have been a customer for 13 years. Their superior product and vitamins have done wonders for my family. My father in law has taken their multi pack of vitamins for years and just had open heart surgery with a new valve at age 90 and his recovery was amazing. He claims it was the vitamins. Even the Drs were amazed. It’s a product driven company. Scams don’t have wonderful products and a billion in sales.

  4. Chastity says:

    What is a MLM first off?

    Secondly, I have just been introduced to this company/products as I stated to one of my friends that for my new years resolution this year was to have my own business in 2013 and this is the company that she introduced to me and gave me her welcome kit to look over, etc. I would love to be able to be a stay at home mom and be there when the boys get off the bus, etc. and earn extra to get out of debt, however, of course everybody is skeptical at first about these things and I have really nobody else that is in this business to explain how it works and to sit down w/ me to go over things and see if it’s something that I can do and recruit others as well. I’m really not a go-getter should I say and shy so i’m wondering if this is something that I can do. any suggestions/comments appreciated. THANKS!

  5. C8ee says:

    @ Chastity. You are in the perfect position to share and grow a Mela business. With children at school, kindergarden, sports, etc.. you have dozens upon dozens of people crossing your path every day that you have opportunity to talk to. Listening is a big part. If they have skin problems, joint problems, weight problems, have asthma, need energy, need a positive outlook, plus much much more. Mela has the products to eliminate lots of common health problems and it can all start with throwing out your supermarket cleaners & toiletries, and switching shops to Mela. Even animals benefit from their products. I have personally seen the re-juvenation of ten different dogs on one of their products, a tablet for humans. All but one of these dogs were large older dogs in the 10-12 year range, and so uncomfortable their owners were considering putting them to sleep. Their owners were as joyful as their newly energized dogs, and one bonus that all owners noticed was how much better condition the dogs coats were. people are more aware of environmental issues these days and they want to have safe houses, good health, healthy children and pets. You can be providing the solutions for many common ailments without the doctors fee & prescription charges. My very first personal experience was with the intensive moisturizing creme. I borrowed the money to start with a ‘career kit’ (only available to marketing execs in the first two months of enrollment. At the time I joined my teenage son had just had an allergic reaction to a deodorant, and a rash that had started under his armpits had spread down his back and stomach, upper arms and to his groin. A week later of antibiotics had done nothing for the deep angry red rash when my products arrived. Within a few hours of applying the creme, the colour began lightening, and within 3 days, the whole rash was gone. And the cleaning, laundry and toiletries are all great products. Once you start using them and get your own personal successes with them, it’s easy to talk naturally about how well things work. The chemist, health-store and supermarket just take your money and don’t care whether things really work for you, it’s just profit making to them. But mela gives you free product money every order, as well as special monthly deals etc.. You just can’t lose. You’re getting the best products on the market at wholesale price and you have the opportunity to have a residual income or a career, with no pressure and without the usual over-heads. I have been with Melaleuca for almost 8 years with a re-order rate of 95% plus. once people try the best, it’s hard to go back to mediocre, or damaging products. I wish you all the best and I hope you give it a go, your health & house will thank you for it. Also the person who showed you the biz would be your upline support. they explain things to you, how it works, all the benefits you with presentations to show others etc.. you would not generally be left on your own. But as an extreme example, my upline dropped out a short time after first becoming a director (8 enrolements) and their upline took me on. Within a year of that, they also dropped out, same as the first with no communication. Since then (7 years) I have had no encouragement or even any communication, from the upline that came from those two initial uplines where I started, they just collect my commission and ignore me (they live at the other end of the country) I have been on my own 100% but my success with the products continues to snowball because of personal experience of the solutions they provide. I would not consider the lack of support and encouragement that I have put up with for all these years to be the norm. Most people encourage and help their downline. I was a shy reserved sort of person but Melaleuca brought me out of my shell as it was too hard to keep all the good information & experiences I was getting to myself, and it had to be shared with people I could see benefitting from it. They are definetely the BEST.

  6. Bernadette says:

    My UNSUSPECTING ELDERLY PARENTS (under VERY LIMITED INCOME) visited their friend’s house only to find themselves in a Mela meeting. My (too) kind parents decided to do a ONE TIME PURCHASE of some items JUST TO BE NICE TO THEIR FRIEND THE HOST. UNBEKNOWNST to my elderly parents, they were signed up for automatic monthly delivery – which was NOT AT ALL was explained to them nor what they wanted – now they started receiving monthly orders with money coming out of their account every month.
    When I received the form, at the very bottom it says that any requests received after the 25th of the current month will be processed the following month… mind you I started to work on this the 28th. So I called to see what options there are so my parents do not have to LOSE any more money…
    When we called to cancel, this is what happened.
    3/28/13 Patricia/Melaleuca: She is not able to cancel the auto delivery without a written faxed request from the customer. Until that is received, they will continue to process order… and continue to take money from my parents account.
    3/30/13 Shawn/Melaleuca: He thinks they may be able to suspend or make changes on the order but he had to transfer me to another department….
    3/30/13 Lisa/Melaleuca: I was transferred by Shawn to speak with her who can help BUT she says they can NOT make any changes on the account either AND THAT the next order has to have 35 points to process so I can not even lower the total of it either. She says that there is no way to stop or suspend the next order until they receive the request via fax. She says whatever my parents signed (which they never got ANY COPY of it either – if there ever was) is legal and binding. I then explained that it cannot possibly be because they are NOT legally able to enter into an agreement because my father is mentally incapacitated AND that I have their Power of Attorney. She says that he is still legally responsible and that another order will come out which can not be suspended.

    The rep says, she NEVER signed them up for monthly auto delivery.
    Melaleuca says that the rep had them sign an agreement which my parents NEVER SAW.
    My parents said there are THREE OTHER one-time customers (besides them) that she is trying to cancel with Melaleuca for the same reason.
    These are the kind of people that represent this company – which is obviously not far from the kind of company that they are… VICTIMIZING THE UNSUSPECTING ELDERLIES!

    • anita says:

      I think I would be contacting my/their bank immediately, report this as fraudulent charges and either have the bank stop these direct or change their account so Melaleuca can no longer withdraw. Then when shipments come, reject them for immediate return(do not accept the delivery) therfore they cannot say you accepted the shipment and owe for them!

    • Tia says:

      they should have mention to them that when you sign up , you are expected to do a shopping min of 35 . if for some reason you dont shop , during the setup for your acct you’ll choose a backup order, they’ll send you this back up order . that’s the fault of the presenter , not melalucea .

    • SB says:

      That sounds like a representative doing a poor job of representing the company. I’ve been using the products for over a year and I knew exactly why I was going to this person’s house, exactly what would be drafted each month and exactly what the requirements were. It’s embarrassing for Melaleuca to have such poor representation and this person should be asked to step down. I am so sorry to hear about your parents!! What a horrible situation. You can always contact the BBB and they can take over for you.

      • Amanda... says:

        That’s the point isn’t it, that the company doesn’t care who they hire… just as long as they are getting money.

    • BT says:


      So sorry your parents were misled.

      I’ve been a Melaleuca customer now for 3 years and have never had a single problem!

      I believe they have a 60 day money back guarantee.
      Even if they did open and use some of the product, they can even return the open containers and get their money Back.

      Just like with any service (gym, cable, etc.), they do have to submit a written cancellation, but should be able to get their money back.

      Melaleuca does have an A+ rating with the BBB.

      Hope this helps!

  7. Lynn Fraley says:

    This company is so totaly not only not a scam, but a great company that offers excellent products and services, with a 60-day guarantee on products.! I’ve been a happy customer of this company for 25 years and have worked in it as business part-time for the last 15 years. The company has many policies in place so that new customers understand the terms of service. I am sorry to year of the exploitation (by their FRIENDS!) of the elderly described above (or anyone else for that matter.) I just jumped over to Amazon for a quick look and saw plenty of sellers of products, often at hugely inflated prices compared to what regular Melaleuca customers pay. And products were rated high! Any company that has a documented reorder rate of 96%, based on customers who have used the products for at least three months) is doing a lot of things right. As an RN, I believe these products prevent health problems, and help a lot more people resolve health issues .. and are better, safer, more cost effective products overall than found elsewhere. There are plenty of awful MLM’s .. This is an example of an excellent direct sales company. If you open an account, do it with someone who will clearly explain terns of service.

  8. xnlife says:

    Scam or not the products and supplements are great and if you look at any business they are all pyramids some at the top middle managers formans workers ect

  9. xnlife says:

    Like to say that after using most of the products 12 yrs? That I really have little to complain about. Most if not all that has used the product said thy are excellent. Problems are mostly with no support and backup order! If you been before in Melaleuca give me a call 16048692273
    google xnlife

  10. skmk says:

    Tried to Google these products to use as a disinfectant in reg dishwater. What my client who uses these products has is 8oz concentrate to 8oz of water. This would be cost prohibited for handwashing her dishes. Her special needs children r frequently ill so infection control is vital.

  11. Tania says:

    Definitely not a scam, Melaleuca is by far the best company I have been with. I am truly sorry about the elderly couple. That is something that should have been explained. We have 2 different types of customers, a direct customer which can shop whenever and does not have a 35 point commitment and will not get a backup order and we have a preferred customer which has the 35 point commitment. Now the back up order is only an insurance to our preferred customers so that if they can not do their order for some reason it will be sent so they do not lose their preferred status and bonuses. This should have been explained to that poor couple. All of their products that were sent could be returned with a refund as well as their membership. The reason paperwork needs to be sent in is for the signature which is and should also be explained to a customer. Melaleuca has been successful and has won many awards with the BBB. Amanda, if an employee for an insurance company sold you the wrong insurance would you blame the company or the employee? We are not employees of Melaleuca we are all customers therfore Melaleuca does not hire us but it is up to us to get the proper training that is provided.

  12. Xio Lopez says:

    Tania, can you please explain again what is the difference between the direct curtomer and preferred customer? Today I received a presentation about the company,but, before I register I want to make sure I don’t have to commit to make purchases every month. Thanks,

    • Cindy Venson says:

      I am a rep with Melaleuca and I just seen your post. I just want to say that if you haven’t gotten all the information you need from the person you want to enroll with you should find a new rep!! You do have to make a 35 point order each month that keeps you preferred. Preferred gives you the best deal with the discounts and you also get $100Us or $120CDN in free products for the first 6 months. Direct is the way to go even if you are not looking to sign someone you may want to now and then to pay for your order. I believe 5 enrollments cover your order and after that is all income and a good one. Hope this helps and I hope I got to you before you get involved with a poor rep!! Thanks


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