MonaVie Scam: Fact or Fiction

There is a growing interest amongst people in staying fit and young with the help of various supplements and wellness products, and hundreds of new products are being introduced in the market by manufacturers to try and make some quick buck. The most popular amongst these is wide range of exotic fruit juices. One of the many juices to hit the market is being offered by the MonaVie. However, many people are still not sure about the company. Is it legit, or just a MonaVie scam? Read on and decide yourself!

The Company

MonaVie is a famous MLM company that distributes various beverage products such as blended fruit juices, acai juices, and so on. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, and began its operations in 2005 by launching MonaVie juice. Its operations have now spread globally, and the company manages the processing, marketing and distribution of all MonaVie juice products.

Their highly successful offering MonaVie Original, is a blend of 19 fruit juices, and they also offer various acai berry products that have considerable amounts of phytonutrients and antioxidants. With such a wide range of products and years of successful operations, it is certain that it is not a MonaVie scam, but a genuine company that offers great business opportunity to earn good money.

Their compensation plan

MonaVie is a network marketing company that offers you products that can help you in building your business by selling them, and growing it by recruiting distributors in your organization. Definitely everythign appears fine in this opportunity, and not a MonaVie scam. As with other MLM business, you can not only sell to your family members, and friends, but can reach out to thousands of other people using the Internet. You can also grow your business by making cold call to leads or host home or hotel meetings.

monavie scam2MonaVie offers hybrid compensation plan, and it is becoming highly popular in the MLM industry, and definitely it is not a MonaVie scam, as some would call it. It pays commission of 50 percent to its distributor force on all the wholesale products sold by them. Their team bonus is just one of the several ways you can get paid. You will get bonus based on 10 percent of lower legs volume. Aside from team commissions, MonaVie also offers bulk order bonus, retail commissions, leadership pools, executive check match bonuses, first order bonus, the star maker bonus, and a opportunity to multiply your earning s off several business centers.

The MonaVie Scam?

MonaVie is not a scam, and appears to be a solid network marketing company that has been in the market quite a few years. Their product price point and compensation plan are competitive in the industry, and one can earn decent income working with them.

In conclusion, we would say that starting and developing MonaVie business is definitely a lucrative proposition if you know how to use the Internet, the phone, and various other effective marketing tools. It’s definitely not a scam, but the ultimate success will depend upon the skill-set of the marketer.

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