Primerica scam? – The truth revealed

With the current unstable economic climate, it’s now more important than ever to take control of your finances and insurance policies. Primerica claims that it’s a legitimate innovative company, which aims to help its members become financially independent through financial education, a Multi-Level Marketing business opportunity and a variety of insurance policies. You may well be asking yourself, are these opportunities genuine or just a Primerica scam?

In short, no. Primerica isn’t a scam, but a proven company which offers both legitimate insurance and financial services as well as an exciting business opportunity. As proof that Primerica lives up to its promises, its website features a page of testimonies from a diverse range of members, who have already experienced phenomenal success with Primerica. Many of these members found Primerica when they had little savings or were knee deep in debt. There is no Primerica scam.

If this wasn’t proof enough of Primerica’s legitimacy, it’s also in strategic partnerships with some of North America’s leading financial institutions including INVESCO, AGF and MetLife. Primerica uses these companies exclusive knowledge base to provide its members with the best financial advice and services possible.

Perhaps Primerica’s most exciting opportunity is its Multi-Level Marketing business, which gives its members the opportunity to have the freedom to work for themselves. There is also a part time option for members who want to test the waters, while still keeping their nine to five job. There is definitely no Primerica scam. Primerica is confident that its part time partners will experience enough success early on to become full time partners.

What makes Primerica’s business opportunity unique is that the more individuals and families you help become financially independent, the more successful you will become. Primerica is built on a foundation on people helping each other to become affluent. Why struggle working for a traditional competitive career in which people have to fail for you to succeed?
Primerica scamPrimerica’s primary products are its insurance policies. Currently Primerica offers term insurance, long term insurance and home and car insurance. Primerica takes a novel approach to insurance and guarantees its customers the best level of coverage at minimum cost. Primerica’s insurance policies are also ideal for families as each family needs only one insurance policy to cover its members. No, Primerica’s insurance policies aren’t a Primerica scam.

Primerica also educates its members on how to wisely invest their income. Most importantly Primerica teaches that to become affluent members have to become owners and not loaners. Traditionally people are taught that saving money in a bank account is the way to become financially independent. The truth is bank accounts offer incredibly low interest rates and it is unlikely that interest from a bank account will make you rich. The great news is that Primerica can teach you how to effectively and efficiently invest your income.

No matter who you are or what condition your finances are in, you too can benefit from Primerica’s range of financial services and it’s Multi-Level Marketing business. Rest assured there is no such thing as a Primerica scam.

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13 Responses to “Primerica scam? – The truth revealed”

  1. David says:

    Primerica is not a multi-level marketing company. MLMs must be registered as such. Primerica is a registered member of FINRA and is listed as a Financial Services Provider (FSP), broker (not to be confused with broker-dealer), and Insurance Company. The business operates as a franchise model, hence the reason why agents are allowed to recruit/hire and build teams in order to grow into an independent brokerage. Primerica agents are independent owner-operators, not MLM reps.

    • admin says:

      David, thank you for the insight. When I was involved with Primerica about 20 years ago, I believed that it was a MLM. Perhaps the model has changed since then or it may have been a misperception on my part.

  2. The truth says:

    The first guy David is dead wrong – probably a Primerica rep spreading more lies (big surprise)

    Primerica is as much as MLM is Amway, Herbal Life, Nu Skin, etc.
    Primerica is NOT a franchise
    Primerica reps own NOTHING, not even their book of clients

    Also, they have not changed their Business Model in 35 years.

    • Glenn says:

      You are right, it is not a legal franchise. And you are wrong. Primerica has continually evolved theri business model over 36 years. I am one the individuals who has earned ownership. I can sell my book of business and my broker force of 150 licensed reps. Or leave it my family.

  3. The Truth Shall Set You Free says:

    “The truth” is dead wrong. Probably a very negative individual that believe Google is the source of all “truth”.

    Primerica operates as David stated in the USA and Canada. However, while not considered MLM it is considered a Direct Selling company according to the Direct Selling Association.

    Primerica is also a mixture of many different business models.
    It has elements of the franchise, multi-level, real estate, insurance and banking models but in so doing has created a unique business model.
    There are also 3 levels of ownership within Primerica. There is one for $50,000 ownership level with time tenure requirement, one for $100,000 ownership level with time tenure requirement and one $300,000 with no time tenure requirement.

    Admin, it may have just been misperception on your part but in Primerica you don’t HAVE TO recruit to make a good income. You can make great money on your own pen.

  4. ijaz says:

    if primerica is a scam, every single company out there is a scam that does not pay enough. Think about if you are working at a corporate office, you have a manager working there and telling you what to do, and the manager has someone who is telling her what to do and it keeps going where all this people makes between 12$ to 50$/hr of wage (where company is making way more profit then what these so called corporate people are getting paid). just wanted to let you guys know one potential client can make you 10000$ with 3 hr worth of work in primerica. Im not saying it just say it. I am saying this from real life example.
    Its just not for the people that are ok with living on paycheck to paycheck with a steady minimum salary. look at the facts in “nyse” before taking the idea from a 19yr old blogger. If you have anything to say you can email me at

    thank you

  5. thomas says:

    Ok so I have a question. I have a friend that claims to be a “wealth adviser” with primerica. I am currently paying him $150 a month towards a mutual fund ( i think )..basically investing my money with him. After searching google for reviews on primerica I am pretty scared and want to stop investing with a company that has so many negative reviews and even more people calling it a scam. My friend is also trying to get me to be his “senior partner”. I am supposed to get licensed and basically start “helping” people invest their money (like he does). I just figured i would get some other peoples input on this to see if im making a good decision or if im just wasting my money/time. Please feel free to email me with any advice tommybn2003@yahoo

    • Troi Perry says:

      Thomas, I went through the same thought process just a little over a year ago. Look at the unbiased list of investors that invest tens of millions of dollars in Primericas stock and listen to/read what they’re talking about. They have million(s) of dollars riding on the company’s success, so you can imagine how much research they do before they write checks like that. Those companies and FINRA already did the homework. That should put you at ease about the safety of your investments.

    • deekee says:

      I learned of Primerica in 1985. they were up-front honest with my parents that they were too close to retirement for the company to do them any good. I learned their debt philosophy and have lived by it since college. Shortly after my second marriage, a representative from another company (who was a friend of my husband’s family) advised us to refinance our whole house using our equity to invest. We lost thousands of that money and were in more debt with the house. 5 years ago, we moved over to Primerica and what money we had left, has doubled (in our very bad recession.) We are debt-free except for a mortgage that will get paid off in 8 years. I asked how to become a rep…I was told $99 for a background check (makes sense) and take the licensing class (free). After passing the state licensing exam, they reimburse me for the cost of the exam. Then I can work with them and “build my own business”. Not sure I want to, as I’m not much of a salesman, but I’m glad I invested through Primerica, as Charles Schwab doesn’t return calls to anyone who makes less the $500,000 a year.

    • Glenn says:

      Tommy if it where a bad company to represent why would offer to train and license you, giving you the education to find out you where taken advantage off. You will be fine.

  6. Eddie says:

    Like you Thomas I was sceptical but as I looked more into Primerica I found I am not investing in Primerica or should I say it is the companies that partenerd up with Primerica like Invesco, Met life and Lincoln Finacial and so on that I have chosen to place my investments with. Primerica just gave me more options. Sure there are some who will say negetive things about Primerica for one reason or another just like any company there will be positive and negetive things said. You altimately have to decide or decern for yourself whether Primerica is the right choice. For me I have chosen Primerica and am now a Rep. It was my decission and wheter I am sucessful will depend on how much effort I put into this business. Just think Thomas you could have invested in Facebook when it went public and stocks dropped there will always be a risk in the market so whether you invest in stocks, mutual funds or IRA,s I like the options offered by Primerica.I believe in there products they offer middle America. Good Luck Thomas.

  7. Roberto says:

    I have been a rep for two years. I do this totally part time. I do a combination of auto & term insurance. I have a better than avg job. However, the company I work for gives out $0.35 raises….Btw, I have a Bachelors Of Science in Network & communications. The cost of living has risen yet my pay has flattened….Primerica has given me the opportunity to make extra cash. For example, insured a family last month, paid well. Scam, not really…. This opportunity is not FOR everyone. Sure anyone can do it, but not everyone has the mind set to do it.

  8. Dean says:

    Hello, I was approached to get involved with Primerica today? I have no previous experience really in sales and my question is this. If you as a representative rely on referrals for business leads. How do you obtain those referrals? Are they strictly generated by family, friends, business or Church affiliations etc.? How difficult is this business in getting enough business prospects to become profitable? Thanks,


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